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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repeat

Image of a graph that shows the reduction in waste to landfillIn 2011, we set a goal of Zero Waste in our production areas and office departments throughout the company.
Since that time, we have reduced our total waste to landfill by 72 percent.
However, we are not content just reducing waste, we want to eliminate it altogether.
We have set the bar high announcing that it is our goal to be a zero waste facility by the year 2020. 

Learn more about our goal of zero waste by 2020 here.


Image of a girl holding a recycling sign


Image of reducing water and enery usageOur secret weapon to reaching this goal is our designated "Green Team". This group regularly tracks waste reduction efforts in order to identify areas that need improvement and develop programs to tackle them. With this team leading the way, our company has also been able to reduce our energy and water usage.

We have even incorporated these environmental efforts into our products by reusing over 5 million pounds of discarded plastic to create a line of products made of 85 percent recycled material.

Download our 2016 Sustainability Report

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